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President Obama has decided not to endorse his deficit commission’s recommendation to increase the retirement age, and otherwise reduce Social Security benefits

Nation & World | Obama draws line in sand on Social Security | Seattle Times Newspaper

ARRRGGGHHHHH. To think people actually thought Obama was finally going to be the first adult elected as POTUS in generations and tell folks the truth. 

God damn it Obama - will you be the intelligent, adult that you should be?  You know as well as we other adults who get it that if Social Security is going to stay as is - TAXES have to go up to pay for it.  Admit it - tell the GOD DAMN TRUTH for once - if America wants benefits as currently defined - no change, no reform - then taxes on either the first 107k of income are going way up or we’re going to tax all income and increase taxes on the upper middle close and above.  IT IS NOT ROCKET SCIENCE.  PLEASE STOP CREATING FANTASY. 

It’s fine to disagree tomorrow with Paul Ryan’s recommendation to cut SocSec and Medicare, but be honest on how that’s going to be paid for.

So tomorrow Obama becomes no better then seemingly all other politicians as he paints the cake and it too picture in a craven bid to win re-election.  Truth and honesty with the electorate be damned.

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